Sadly, I need to cancel the pre-order

Hello Book Supporter...

It is with great sadness that I will be canceling the pre-order and will start the process of removing the "hold" on your credit cards. According to Gumroad, this should take a couple days to process.

I am so sorry.

The pandemic was too much for our family of three. For close to 140 days we've been in a small one-bedroom, two (very grateful to be) working parents, a wonderfully exhausting toddler, and our elderly parents across the country on the east coast.

I tried dozens of ways to carve out time and energy, but tonight, like many nights, ended with a wiped-out dad and mom, and not enough clarity to make the progress required hit the ship date. I crawled out of bed after an epic 2hr toddler bedtime battle, tagged out with mom, and sat down at the kitchen table. Nothing. The fatigue is too much. No amount of coffee can fix this. And the outlook here in the US is not good.

Almost 1,200 people pre-ordered this book. I can't begin to explain how surreal that is, and the extent to which that has humbled and motivated me. I am so sorry that I let people down. The fact that in such tough times people shelled out money...and that I need to (and have the utmost privilege to) return that money...that will take a while to process. It feels terrible.

I will finish a book, but now is not the time. I need to be there for my son and partner.

My email is if you'd like to chat further. If you don't see the release of funds on your card in the next couple days, please reach out.